Your message on leadership was inspirational to all of us in attendance. I have already noticed an effective change in attitude to actually "lead" those they supervise and not just manage. I am personally integrating the ideas you taught to build a better working environment for all of us! Thanks again!                                                                                                                
                                                                                    Roger Rife
                                                                                    VP/ Regional Operations Manager
                                                                                    Countrywide Home Loans

“This was an affirming event, a morale booster, empowering, and a confidence lifter. Overall a very positive experience.”

“Everything he talked about related to my life.”

“…I liked his stories and enthusiasm.”

“I was impressed with his honesty…”

“…he had some great ideas and suggestions that everyone could think on and use.”

“…dynamic speaker.”
                                                                                    Quotes from an audience of
                                                                                    Principal Financial Group

"Your message and the entertaining and moving manner in which it was presented resulted in generous praise from the attendees (125), we didn't receive any negative comments on the evaluation forms!"
                                                                                    Mary E. Myers
                                                                                    Chair AOS Dept
                                                                                    Spokane Community College

“Hearing Rich talk was a good reminder for me of the reason I started  my own appraising firm to begin with...”

“I liked how he took a more realistic approach to goal setting. He kept your attention...”

                                                                                    Member Comments
                                                                                    National Association of
                                                                                    Professional Mortgage Women
                                                                                    Spokane Association

“Many people were surprised at the unique approach to goal setting you presented, and were happy to hear a fresh perspective. I think we will have recurring guests due to your excellent presentation.”
                                                                                    Cheleena Frye
                                                                                    President - National Association of
                                                                                    Professional Mortgage Women
                                                                                    Spokane Association

“Rich breathed life into his sales presentation...demonstrating the benefits of speaking in terms that would benefit our group. ...he kept us on our toes, asking questions, inserting spontaneous humor...I would not hesitate recommending him to other organizations.”
                                                                                    Barbara Cagle
                                                                                    Spokane Association of

“His sense of humor created a fun atmosphere...and ultimately encouraged us to view self-promotion with a new perspective. We would not hesitate bringing Rich back to speak to our group in the future!”
                                                                                    Heather Watson
                                                                                    Rotaract Programs Co-Chair
                                                                                    Spokane, WA

"...a speaker with strong themes and an entertaining style... Any audience could benefit from his experiences, ideas and enthusiasm."
                                                                                    Barb Bunkers
                                                                                    Human Resources
                                                                                    Principal Financial Group

"You...provided a wonderful conclusion to our seminar and pulled everything together. It is always great to end on a positive note, and you definitely did that for the audience. We received a lot of very positive feedback on the speaker evaluation forms and from comments made by faculty and students."
                                                                                    Doris Moritz
                                                                                    Spokane Community College




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