9 Public Speaking Tips

  1. Use stories about yourself. They are easily remembered and rarely questioned. Besides, who needs to hear about Lincoln overcoming failure for the umpteenth time?
  2. Practice everywhere. Talk to your mirror, your pets, your plants. They’re loyal, and not overly critical.
  3. Know your audience. Use internet research, newspaper clippings, even personal interviews to discover their culture, quirks, and humor.
  4. Take control of the environment. Show up early, or do a walk through the day before. Don’t let the set-up detract from your message.
  5. Funnel your fear into enthusiasm. There’s nothing wrong with being nervous – if you’re not nervous, you might not care enough about what you’re about to do.
  6. Give yourself permission to speak. Your audience is there to hear you, and they are rooting for you to give them information and inspiration to change their minds.
  7. Ignorance is bliss. If you don’t give the “perfect” presentation, your audience often won’t know – unless YOU point it out to them.
  8. Throw out your notes. Know your topic and follow an outline printed in large type place where you can easily see it. Use specific notes only for quotes, regulations, and technically specific information.
  9. Smile and have fun! Humor is key. The best eulogies often evoke uproarious laughter, so why should your audiences die of boredom?

Rich Hopkins is a speaker, author and coach who teaches his clients to Leap from Acceptable to Exceptional. He has 20 years of business background in marketing, sales, and customer service. He consults with individuals, student groups, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Rich is available for keynote presentations, seminars, training, as well as group or one-to-one coaching. Contact him at: http://www.richhopkinsspeaks.com.




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