Dramatically improve your Presentation Skills
Power-up your Individual and Group Communication Skills
Construct and implement your Communication Strategy

Rich offers one-to-one coaching to help you jumpstart your speaking abilities. Whether you are speaking to corporate executives or Cub Scouts, board members or family members, Rich will help you craft your message and delivery to maximize audience interaction and response.

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"His ideas were fresh and innovative and literally determined the success of the presentation.   While I consider myself a formidable information-provider, I don’t believe I am an entertainer on any level.  Rich assisted me in using the methodology I was comfortable with to provide an enjoyable session for the audience, complete with participative interaction.  He pinpointed my areas of enthusiasm and advised me to incorporate the audience into them.  In doing so, I took a high-level, informational presentation and was able to transform it into a story that many could relate to. The feedback I received was unanimous: Rich’s advice was the key."
                                                                                                            - Marie Rice, CFE

“...becomes deeply envolved in whatever he endeavors. A fantastic speaker, himself, he is able to train others, improving their manerisms and speech habits to not only obtain but maintain the attention of those they are addressing. This important phase of communication is essential in the sales environment where I successfully employed his expertise and guidance to improve the productivity of my staff. Thank you!"     
                                                            - Carl Wilson, Owner, Riverview Thai Restaurant

...thank you so much for providing such effective training - within 30 minutes you:
     - offered personal critique for each of our one minute commercials,
     - gave general tips and pointers,
     - returned to questioning and coaching individuals, then
     - answered questions.

All of this was in an open meeting so we all shared, heard and learned - an excellent use of time & expertise.

I gained fundamentally helpful insight into the service I offer. I am more confident in both myself and my presentation. My colleagues were enthusiastic and encouraged by what you both had to say and got them to see in themselves.

I am absolutely certain that people who both meet you and commit to the changes you suggest will enjoy growing satisfaction & success in their lives.

Alan L Mills, BNI, Spokane

"Even from a long distance, you were able to encourage me and keep me on track. You have an amazing ability to read a speech and suggest the best words to make the presentation come alive.  I would definitely recommend that anyone who wants to push his/her speaking skills to the next level work with you."
   - Erin Basta, Speaker, Human Resources Professional

"Rich is personable, persistent, and patient. We met several times in the few weeks available to us, and he made himself readily available. I would recommend his talents as both a speechwriter and a communications coach to anyone who wishes to improve their public speaking."
- Franz Prosseger, Real Estate Developer

"Rich Hopkins has a gift. He helps people find their authentic voice. If you’re lucky enough to work with him, he can successfully guide you to your goal. There’s no limit to what he can help you accomplish – if you’re willing to go there. I worked with Rich over several months and continue to reap the benefits of our meetings. Catch him if you can – you’ll be glad you did."
- Craig Hunt, Registered Dietition

"...great tips and instruction on public speaking...you made it fun and very informative"
  - Julie R. Stevenson, Allied Escrow Services



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