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Are you a Champion of Choice?  Or are you living with the status quo - accepting your current circumstances as 'good enough'? Have you ever had an employee that does just enough to keep their job? A department that does just enough to be overlooked by annual reviews? A relationship, ailment, or annoyance that you choose to live with because you can't imagine living without?

Could an Exceptional Choice...

...transform the way you do business?
...help you discover what you've been
settling for?
...create a better life than you ever thought possible?

I will provide you with the tools, instructions, and inspiration to examine your circumstances and make your own Leap from Acceptable to Exceptional, tools I have gathered and mastered over a lifetime of experience.

In 1983, my doctors told me I would end up in a wheelchair. In 2006, I almost proved them right.

After 38 years of pushing my deteriorating left leg to keep up with its healthy right-footed twin, on both the beaten paths of outside sales and the hardwood of basketball courts, I woke up on a cold January morning, unable to walk.

In the next eight weeks, I was faced with choices I had never expected to have to make. On April 25th, I opted to amputate my lower left leg in favor of a titanium upgrade. 

By agreeing to let go of something I'd worked my lifetime to hold onto, I chose the unknown - the hope of a more active lifestyle - but no guarantee. My battered left foot had become a symbol of my persistence, and letting it go meant letting go of a piece of my identity.

I discovered there's nothing like That New Foot Smell!  Less pain coupled with greater agility and endurance. Sure footing that promised to keep me moving towards my goals as a husband, father of six, and occasional driveway basketball star.

By late August, I found myself upright and onstage competing for the title of  World Champion
of Public Speaking
(click for details) - enjoying my own Leap from Acceptable to Exceptional.


"...a speaker with strong themes and an entertaining style... Any audience could benefit from his experiences, ideas and enthusiasm."
                                               - Barb Bunkers, Human Resources, Principal Financial Group